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DE DE MOUSE is distinguished by his one of a kind music style and dynamic live DJ
sets with keyboard performances.

Mixing tribal music from Tibet, Indonesia and children’s voices with a touch of
his soul, DE DE MOUSE chips them into single sounds and edits them to
create significant melodies.

From Acid House to Amen Break, and Hip Hop to Fusion, he links and mixes keywords together to create new sounds for the Electric scene.

A mix of sounds of synthesizer intertwined with unique chords, he creates
an energetic beat that fits in the breakcore genre.

Not only his musical approach but his live performance is extraordinary.
He puts full of his energy and creative ideas into his live set to entertain his audience.

The style of live performance changes from time to time, such as aggressive twin
drums style, dance remixes, piano solo and so on.

DE DE MOUSE also collaborates with other artists and creators from all over the
world in fashion, game, graphic and art industry.
-recent release-
5th ful album "farewell holiday!"

cover illustration by Akihiko Yoshida

Three years after his 4th album “sky was dark”, DE DE MOUSE will release a long-awaited original full album “farewell holiday!”

The album is about young boys who are in charge of delivering seasons from town to town. One day, they had an exciting adventure by a flying wooden merry-go-round, which took them away from their everyday life. DE DE MOUSE’s signature cut up sampling voices represent their faithful “songs of the spell” that the boys sang throughout the album.

In this album, DE DE MOUSE successfully broke through pop music barrier and expressed himself freely by applying methods from musicals, light music, fairground music, cartoon music, marches to jazz. He sprinkles sentimental images of Christmas, midnight amusement parks, suburbs, dreams and the circus, which reminds him of bittersweet feelings from his childhood. In other words, this is DE DE MOUSE’s playful oldies sounds of holiday / weekday music album.

DE DE MOUSE dedicated the past three years in making this album. He challenged creating music while being absolutely true to himself without compromising his integrity and vision. He wishes for the listener to experience that feeling of pure joy they had in some exciting moments in their childhood.

Akihiko Yoshida (known for the character design for the Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ouga who was also in charge of the illustration for DE DE MOUSE’s 3rd album “A journey to freedom”) once again, worked with DE DE MOUSE and created fascinating artworks for this new album.

Additionally, with the “farewell holiday!” member card (a download card which will be included with the CD), you can download and enjoy a monthly remixed version of the songs from the album.

11 whimsical dreamy songs,
51 minutes long journey.
Fasten your seat belts and enjoy with us a quaint, romantic and a bit cruel trip of DE DE MOUSE’s “farewell holiday!”
And you can download this song "before a holiday" on farewell holiday! member's card(DL card).
farewell holiday! member's card(DL card) is attaching with CD package of farewell holiday!
you can download and enjoy another version of the songs from the album monthly.

have a nice holiday.
And About half a year after “farewell holiday!”,
DE DE MOUSE will now release an EP album “summer twilight”.

Inspired by the sentimental riverside scenery in the early summer, this album takes place in a lucid dream of summer festival in Japan. DE DE MOUSE had composed 8 phenomenal songs based on the images of festival, summer, night, morning, forest, woman and dream.

This album was also created as stage music for a play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” written by William Shakespeare which was performed by female actors from the theater company “Kaki kuu kyaku”.

Fusion of the rhythm of Japanese festival music, latest trap music with the essence of dance and soundtrack with the energy of the glorious 80-90s, DE DE MOUSE successfully developed his sound style into an another level by taking advantage of PCM synthesizer to the fullest.

Fresh yet nostalgic, DE DE MOUSE’s signature cut up sampling voices with dynamic synthesizer, twisted rhythms and dazzling melodies will bring your forgotten memories back in a sultry summer night.

-Recent interviews-
・NTV 81 interview with DE DE MOUSE movie interview by TACO TACO(broad to Nolife(FR) / UTB Hollywood(U.S))

-recent shows-
・14th Mar 2016 LIVE IN New York @ Brooklyn, New York w/ANAMANAGUCHI. bo-en
・15th Mar 2016 SXSW @ Austin, Texsas

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-Tour Archives- Oct 2008 ASAGIRI JAM w/Flying Lotus, The Skatalites
Feb 2009 CD+LIVE DVD "sunset girls remixes & more" feat. Senor
Coconut/i am robot and proud...
Mar 2009 L'EX JAPON@CLUB ODEON, Nimes, France
May 2009 British tour (Brighton, Manchester, London, Liverpool)
June 2009 taicoclub'09 w/squarepusher, Ricardo Villalobos
Aug 2009 MAGICAL CAMP w/PEST(Ninja Tune)
Nov 2009 Short Europe tour(Lyon"Club La Marquise, Paris"TIME", London"Xkings")
Apr 2010 3rd album"A journey to freedom"
with remixes released on the same day.(※degital only)
(remixed by Hudson Mohawke, Plaid, Ceephax, A GUY CALLED GERALD, NeilLandstrumm, Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, GOLD PANDA)
July 2010 taicoclub'10 w/Autechre, Ben Klock, Matthew Herbert
Sep 2010 NEUTRAL NATION 2010 w/GANG GANG DANCE, clammbon, toe, DJ KENTARO
Apr 2011 SonarSound Tokyo w/BATTLES, KODE9, Dorian Concept
July 2011 collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger(from Asics Europe) and ACT on
     fashion week in Germany
Nov 2012 neutralnation2012 w/WIRE (UK), LITE, Nisennenmondai
Nov2013 neutralnation presents Neuture 01
Mar 2013 Star Fes. 2013
     w/THE ORB, Denki Groove, Theo Parrish, FRIENDLY FIRES-DJ SET
Oct 2013 EMPORIO ARMANI Aoyama Smooth Cocktail & DJ Evening
July-Dec 2014 DE DE MOUSE in Planetarium live series in Japan
Feb 2015 DE DE MOUSE in Toront(CAN)
Mar 2016 LIVE IN New York @ Brooklyn, New York w/ANAMANAGUCHI. bo-en
Mar 2016 SXSW @Austin, Texas w/ ANAMAANGUCHI, Wednesday Campanela

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